$$$ Bling bling baby !! $$$

  • re hello

    i try to change with an english car, not need to much for change the look of the car

    Bentley Arnage T Minichamps 1/18

    - 20' alloy rims
    - smoky glasse
    - carpet set
    - 2 tft srceen,dvd with hardisk 500go in the trunk
    - new real front mesh
    Thats it...

    hard disck

    tft screens

    hope you will like it :bow1:

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  • I admired this on DX already, it looks beautiful!
    The new rims suits perfectly. :sehrgut:

    "Ich bin wie ich bin...
    Die einen kennen mich, die anderen können mich!"

    Gaston, Modellbauer-Urgestein des MiWuLa

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  • When I read "Bling-Bling" and "Bentley", I just thought "Oh my God, what did he do?" But now, after I saw the pictures, I have to say "Well done!" :sehrgut:

    Natürlich kannst Du das wieder so machen, aber dann ist es halt wieder falsch.

  • thanks guyz !:sehrgut:

    your alright Raidou this rims is perfect !
    well done peter !

    and sorry for pictures size...:schämen:

  • as i read the title i thought "oh no", but your bentley looks very fine!:sehrgut:

    mfg trabbi-crack

    .....::::RALLIART REST IN PEACE::::.....

  • Congratulations, it's really a very beautiful model. The wheels are perfect.

    Best regards


    "Mache die Dinge so einfach wie möglich - aber nicht einfacher." Albert Einstein

  • Very nice job!!:)

    Meine1:18er & 1:12er Zuviele und es werden immer mehr!
    Meine 1:1er ABARTH 500 & BMW 1M Coupé

  • the car is excellent and these modification are looking great
    but when i saw this car first for me it looked like a car for a PIMP
    or a kind of gangsta boss car

    Niveau sieht von unten immer aus wie Arroganz

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