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"We are pleased to announce the name and package design of the new collection for closed bodyshell diecast models.
The price is cheaper and with no opening features but with beautiful paintings and finishes. This will be a new collectible diecast model car with "good value for money".

capture the "essence" of model cars

- Window package box with top & bottom closed / window in the front & back and sides

- Model car inside comes with the plinth.

- The car description is printed on the plinth.

- Here are the lineups announced so far. The first launch will be Veneno coupe and will be ready from Hong Kong in the end of this month to early January 2015.

09501GR 1:18 Lamborghini Veneno Grey/Red (End Dec - Jan/2015)
09501RM 1:18 Lamborghini Veneno Red Metallic (End Dec - Jan/2015)
C09502RM 1:18 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Red Metallic/Red Line (Jan-Feb/2015)
C09502W 1:18 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster White/Red Line (Jan-Feb/2015)

- Some more new cars will be planned in this series. More information will be coming through 2015."

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