VW Golf mk1 1:18 by Marek

  • I present to you another model done from me :)

    Volkswagen Golf Mk1 1:18

    Manufacturer: SOLIDO

    List of adjustments:

    Original GTI-sanded edges and created a new pulled
    -Effacement wipers front and rear, flattened trunk lock
    New front grille with square headlights and horizontal bars
    -Lens headlights with bixenony
    Back-light red
    Tank-cap of own production
    Lollipop-leading custom manufacturing
    Chrome rear-view mirror only on driver's side
    -Side moldings and sealing all painted matte black

    Body Color:

    Black-magic pearl from a variety of polished Skoda +

    Combined-painted black matte and glossy brown nut
    Detail-painted matte black
    -Front seat and center tunnel of 911
    -Floor and the back plate with black flock poflockovány
    Steering wheel-Wolfsburg Edition

    Suspension and wheels:
    -Two-piece rims - polished aluminum collar and the honeycomb painted the metallic titanium
    -Low profile tires
    Reduction in the maximum-


    -Smooth engine compartment completely own production, painted in matte brown hazel
    VR6 engine, partly chromed
    New round tailpipe

    condition before purchase:


  • Very nice Golf mk1.
    These rims looks great.

    SDL- The lowest community
    Hier bekommt ihr bald meine Felgen!
    Die chh-felgenmanufaktur ist nun auf Facebook erreichbar!

  • The ABSOLUTELY best Golf MK1 i´ve ever seen :erstaunt:

    Really incredible good work and Design

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